Amerikali Turk



I am moving back to Europe, and I need to clear up my apartment to cancel my lease. All the items are in very good condition, and prices are negotiable if you want to buy more pieces.

My apartment is in Jackson Heights, Queens, you can text me or send me and email if you are interested. I need to get rid of everything, so this is a great deal!

RachelŞ 347-506-8674 OR


Bed $150 – Very good

Couches $200 for both (or $150 for the large one and $100 for the small one) – Very good

Desk with 2 drawers $50 (plus free office chair if you want it) – Acceptable

Iron $10 – Very good

Electrical coffee maker with programming feature $15 – Very good

3-step ladder $15 – Very good

Wine bottles holder, (cast iron) $20 – Very good

Stool $5 – Very good

Set of 2 bed lamps $15 – Very good

Set of 4 fabric storage boxes $10 for all – Very good

Set of 3 plastic desktop chests (2 drawers and upper tray) $10 for all or $5 each – Very good

Assorted kitchenware $20 (3 glasses, 2 cups, 3 plates, 1 large pan, 1 pot, 1 baking pan, 1 colander, cutlery, corkscrew, can opener)