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Quality Meat

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May 27, 2012 9:42 PM

Q U A L I T Y M E A T S 57 West 58 th Street

Zeynep Ekemen


Chef Craig Koketsu’s butcher shop chic steakhouse “Quality Meats” has got to be one of my favorite steak houses on the east coast. The steak is nothing short of spectacular!

The creative design of the restaurant visually gets you ready to have an amazing piece of steak.

 It starts out with a white-plaster cow’s head hanging on the entrance wall followed with butcher-block stairs into the dining room.

The walls are covered with planks of polished brown walnut paying homage to a traditional
“meat locker”. As you sit down at your table look up to see the chandeliers fashioned from meat hooks, pulleys and Thomas Edison rare bulbs.

Now the real reason why you here, let’s dive into the food... 



You just simply must start out with the “R o a s t e d  B o n e M a r r o w ”.
Being Turkish I’ve had bone marrow  in many forms but Koketsu’s style is something
I’ve  never tried. The marrow is served steamed then broiled accompanied with
glazed root vegetables and toast

.quality meat

T r a d i t i o n a l S t e a k T a r t a r e ” comes with large wooden spoon filled capers, dijon, yolks and onion which
you mix yourself into the tartare.

quality meat

T u n a T a r t a r e ” is almost as good as the Steak Tartare. The salty potato chips make for an
excellent combination with the Tuna.

T u n a T a r t a r e

This place is definitely a meat-lover’s paradise. The menu has a great array of choices including Filet
Mignon, Aged Bone-In Sirloin, Aged Rib Steak, Pan-Roasted Lamb T-Bones and Grilled Veal Chops. As if
that wasn’t enough options you can also choose one of the three Signature Filets served in your choice of
Beef Wellington, Filet Au Poivre, and Filet Oscar.

All steak is exclusively sourced from two family butchers Milton Abeles & Strassburger Meats. Quality Meats
even has its own custom butchered selections to choose from. The servers prepare a homemade sauce by
mixing orange-tomato compote, raisin molasses, garlic confit, thyme and rosemary tableside to enjoy with
your steak.

The “D o u b l e R i b S t e a k ” is among the best I’ve ever tasted. It is a mind-boggling 64 ounces so make sure
you a friend or friends to share this with. This particular steak is about 5 inch thick prepared in a 700-
degree double broiler. It is served carved tableside  each slice almost as big as Blackberry. (Not an iPhone
girl ) The bone that remains if you are daring enough to finish it all can also double as a weapon.

quality meat

P a n-R o a s t e d C r i s p y P o t a t o e smust the most  fattening side dish on the menu due to the mere
fact that they are dipped in duck fat. Yes, duck fat!  As if that is not enough calories, the dish is then
served on a hot pan topped with garlic butter!

 P a n-R o a s t e d C r i s p y P o t a t o e s

 “ P a r m e s a n W a f f l e F r i e s ” I guess could be  considered to be a healthier alternative to the
Crispy Potatoes above.

P a r m e s a n W a f f l e F r i e s

C o r n C r è m e B r u l e e ” is also one of the must have side dishes. This sweet and creamy caramelized pudding
is made with fresh corn cut from the cob and mixed with corn milk and heavy cream.

C o r n C r è m e B r u l e e

If you have the slightest room left to indulge in some dessert, “ R e d V e l v e t C a k e ” is an absolute perfection.

R e d V e l v e t C a k e

C o c o n u t F l a n ” is also amazing and a lighter option to try. Of course lighter if you don’t dip the
fried churros into the chocolate dipping sauce that  also comes along side with it.

C o c o n u t F l a n

C h o c o l a t e B r o w n i e C a k e ” is another great dessert to try served with Hazelnut Truffle ice cream. With a
name that includes Chocolate and Brownie a girl just  can’t say no to it.

C h o c o l a t e B r o w n i e C a k e

Reservations can be made by calling 212.371.7777. Weekend reservations should be made well in advance.

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