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Precise Tours is one of the best Turkey Tour Operator based in the Turkey and USA. We are legally licensed by the Turkish Tourism Ministry and Association of Turkish Travel Agencies with License of the Tour Company A-6681. 

Our regular tours and most of our tailor made tours, in accordance with our mission, aim at contributing to the knowledge of the travelers towards the local environment and cultures while generating resources and creating incentives for the preservation of these local cultures and natural richness. 

We offer a unique travel services at outstanding prices because we do most of the work ourselves. It's our tour manager who develops your travel project, it's our guide who leads your tour and it's on board our own vehicle or on board our close partners' vehicle you are traveling throughout the journey.

Our main principals are:

  1. The security of our travellers stands before all. 
  2. The services provided must be in accordance with the program agreed upon with the traveller. 
  3. Our guides must provide the highest quality of service to their group (helpful, punctual, informative). 
  4. Travellers must be able to reach a project or a tour manager from our office - at all times & no cost - whenever needed.
  5. Promotion of highly respectful tourism towards the local environment and the communities (minimal impact tourism). 
  6. Money from tourism must, as much as possible, remain in the local communities and economy. 
  7. Collecting and sharing critical and accurate information promoting the preservation of the environment and the protection and support of the local communities (documentaries). 

For more information about the Precise Tours, please write us.

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